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The Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Project DOSS: SECURE-BY-DESIGN IOT OPERATION WITH SUPPLY CHAIN CONTROL focus on improving the resilience of IoT supply chains.

The 12 member DOSS consortium of industrial actors, research institutes and academia from 6 European countries encompasses all stakeholders of the IoT ecosystem, including service operators, OEMs, technology providers, developers, and security research experts. End users will be involved in a living lab environment.

The project, based on the secure-by-design principle, introduces innovations at several stages of the IoT supply chain:

  • Integrated communication flow between the key stakeholders – “Supply Trust Chain”
  • Comprehensive security descriptor of IoT devices – “Device Security Passport”
  • A multifunction testing module for the testing of IoT devices, 3rd party applications, open-source applications and in-house development
  • A digital cybersecurity twin to simulate IoT architectures
  • An architecture security validator to assure compliance with legal requirements and industry standards.

The results will be demonstrated with three IoT use case implementations – automotive, smart home, and energy.

The work shall lead to the following project results which constitute the DOSS secure-by-design operation concept and technical architecture.

The overall work will be performed in three major phases, continuously advancing the TRL level of the system.

Project Facts

Start date:



36 months



EU Contribution:

€ 5 million


Atos Hungary Ltd.

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