The Concept

The DOSS – Secure-By-Design IoT Operation With Supply Chain Control – project aims to improve the security and reliability of IoT operations by introducing an integrated monitoring and validation framework to IoT Supply Chains, including all the relevant stakeholders. DOSS elaborates on a secure-by-design methodology and implements related technology based on formalized data exchange, component testing, and architecture modeling.

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USPs outline

What is this solution offering that’s different?
End-to-end communication

The DOSS “Supply Trust Chain” connects all relevant stakeholders with a formalized communication flow to facilitate monitoring of the movement of IoT devices from manufacturers all the way to decommissioning.

Multi-level security testing

DOSS establishes a comprehensive testing model covering all IoT components, including the binary testing of IoT devices, black-box analysis of 3rd party applications, vulnerability assessment on open-source applications, and internal developments the result of which will provide solid evidence of the existence or absence of vulnerabilities.

Security modeling in digital twin

DOSS will use an AI-assisted, flexibly configurable cybersecurity digital twin to simulate already in the design phase the architecture of selected IoT operations to identify potential attack scenarios, to analyze their impact, and to elaborate the necessary countermeasures. 

Security feedback from operation

The DOSS IoT “Supply Trust Chain” also comprises the highly protected IoT operation itself, which is integrated into the communication loop to provide relevant security-related information to other actors of the IoT supply chain. 

Use Cases

Proof of domain independence 


use case

Smart home

Industrial /


use case

Prosumer cell



use case

Automated car

Latest news

A mix of research updates, insights, and scientific publications

DOSS Webinar on Supply Chain Security – 25. July 2024, 14:00 CET

Stay ahead of the latest regulations with our DOSS Project webinar, hosted by internationally acclaimed IoT expert Rob van Kranenburg: "Supply Chain Security: Interpreting New Requirements Guided by Policies and Regulations."   Date:  Juy 25, 2024 Time:  14:00 CET Registristiation Link: This webinar is organized by DOSS project partner…

The DOSS Component Tester – Comprehensive security testing of IoT devices

By Sascha Hackel, Martin Schneider, Ramon Barakat and Luca Jungnickel, Fraunhofer FOKUS Introduction and motivation IoT devices surround us every day, whether they are integrated into cars, medical devices, smart home applications, or critical infrastructure. These devices are an integral part of our daily lives, and the need for secure…

Xanthopoulou G, Siavvas M, Kalouptsoglou I, Kehagias D, Tzovaras D. 2024. Software Requirements Classification: From Bag-of-Words to Transformer. WISP 2024.

Conference: Special Session on Intelligent Internet of Things Security and Privacy (WISP 2024) at the 21st International Conference on Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence (DCAI 2024), 26-28. June 2024, Salamanca, Spain Authors: Xanthopoulou G, Siavvas M, Kalouptsoglou I, Kehagias D, Tzovaras D. Abstract: Automated classification of software requirements is valuable…


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