White papers


The UK Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure (PSTI) Regulation comes into force on 29 April 2024

The PSTI applies to all “internet connectable products” and “network connectable products” (together “relevant connectable products”), except for “exempted products”. While the definition of relevant connectable products is rather complex, all M2M, IoT products, including connected vehicles and smart TV as well as home Wi-Fi routers belong in the scope. The PSTI…

The Federal Communications Commission approves “U.S. Cyber Trust Mark” labeling program for consumer IoT products

On 14. March 2024, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved, based on criteria developed by the NIST, a voluntary program that would create a cybersecurity label for consumer IoT and smart devices, like (not limited to) home security cameras, voice-activated shopping devices, internet-connected appliances, fitness trackers, garage door openers,…